$65 per month recurring

  • EVERY MONTH forever: prescription heartworm prevention and flea control
  • FOUR times per year Health SPA visits and technician examinations
  • Four times a year luxurious Hydrosurge massaging bath, muscle massage, pedicure
  • Four times per year fecal test for worms and urinalysis
  • TWICE a year vaccinations, heartworm tests, strategic deworming as needed
  • Twice a year physical exams by doctor with 24 point report card, digital photographs and written medical plan for the rest of the year
  • ERD early kidney screens
  • Vetscope ear endoscope exams with photographs
  • ONCE a year EKG
  • Once a year glaucoma test - Tonopen
  • Once a year ear smear
  • Once a year blood pressure test
  • Once a year brief laboratory blood test for major organ functions (CBC, brief chem)
  • Once a year Wood Lamp screening for fungal skin infection (ringworm)
  • Once a year blood screening for anemia (PCV)
  • Once a year blood smear screening for visible parasites
  • Free deworming for Hookworms, Roundworms, Whipworms and Tapeworms anytime as needed
  • At this membership level you are entitled to ONE free emergency exam per year during office hours at our clinic
  • Once a month newsletter
  • You have the right to contribute questions to the FAQ on the website or for future newsletter

NOTE: these blood screens mentioned here are HEALTHY screenings - if your pet is sick and requires blood testing, that would be a SICK blood panel which is much more extensive and is NOT covered by this health plan

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  • "When my dog Blackie was diagnosed with severe pancreatitis, Dr. Nelmapius prescribed a strict treatment plan but also course of laser therapy. Every time he gets the therapy I can immediately tell he just feels better and after each treatment I could see improvement and the outbreaks have become less frequent and less intense almost to the point of a complete cure."
    Melanie Acanda
  • ""I must mention Liz. Such a wonderful loving person and dear friend. Liz drove all the way to my house to bring me medicine that I needed for my very sick Shih Tzu, Bijou. She also was so caring to a little stray dog that found us one morning and was in need of special attention. That little dog was in terrible shape and she cleaned him up for us and comforted him"
    Fred and Joyce Pennington
  • "I really liked the attention, including the details, from Doctor N. I also liked the check-up phone calls from Christina and the other caring staff"
    Brittany Caddic
  • ""We found a little sickly stray. He has since become our special little dog since Dr. Nelmapius had to do several surgeries on him to fix major damage from abuse that he received before he found us. I have often said I wish I had a Doctor for my health issues that is as dedicated to each of his patients as Dr Nelmapius"
    Fred and Joyce Pennington
  • "I appreciated the time Doctor N. and his staff at Safari took with us. He personally took the extra time to make sure that I understand everything that is taking place."
    Bridget Catledge