I needed to find an animal clinic, being from North Dakota and I didn't know where to go. As we were driving I had seen the clinic. We stopped in and everyone was so nice and friendly, I was able to bring in our house kitty that same day, which I was really impressed with that because most places you have to wait a few days. The girls were so nice and concerned, even when I spoke to them on the phone, they would call me often. I had been to the clinic with our kitty to see how she was doing. The doctor was very nice, very informative, and I felt very comfortable talking with him, he was very concerned. I would and will keep telling others about Safari Animal Clinic, and how it is a very good place to go when your animal needs medical attention. -C. Buerkle

The clinic had concern for my animal and her health. The doctor provided great explanations of what is going to be done. They offered a lot of help on preventative health concerns for my animal- Diane LeDac..

I appreciated the time Doctor N. and his staff took with us, making sure that I understand everything that is taking place.-Bridget Catledge

I liked the attention, including the details, from Doctor N. I also liked the check-up phone calls.-Brittany Caddic

Dr Nelmapius and Staff,It is my pleasure and honor to be able to provide our feelings about your clinic and staff. Too often we do not take the time to share how we feel about the outstanding service or friendship we receive from a particular business. I have been a client of Dr. Nelmapius and his staff for 30 years. During that time I have had several dogs, a cat, and a Bird that he has cared for. He is a wonderful Doctor with a passionate desire to care for the animals. He always tries to do whatever it takes to save the animals. Loving my dogs the way I do I will go any distance to keep them if there is a possible chance for continued quality of life and he has the same belief. Christina, his office manager, is without a doubt the most wonderful caring person and such an asset to his clinic. She is always on top of everything and so knowledgeable. I never have to worry about anything being done or cared for when she is handling it. I feel she is a friend as well as the office Manager. I also must mention Liz. Such a wonderful loving person and dear friend. Liz drove all the way to my house to bring me medicine that I needed for my very sick Shih Tzu, Bijou. She also was so caring to a little stray dog that found us one morning and was in need of special attention. That little dog was in terrible shape and she cleaned him up for us and comforted him. He has sense become our special little dog since Dr. Nelmapius had to do several surgeries on him to fix major damage from abusive that he received before he found us. I have often said I wish I had a Doctor for my health issues that is as dedicated to each of his patients as Dr Nelmapius. We just recently lost both of our Shih Tzu, but one was 15 years old and the other was almost 18 years old. That is the greatest testimony I can give to Dr. Nelmapius, that with his care we were able to enjoy both of those wonderful little dogs for so long. I miss them more than words can say, but in time maybe I will have another little Shih Tzu that Dr. Nelmapius will again provide care for. In the mean time he will continue to care for our special little Benny.With the greatest sincerity always. - Joyce and Fred Pennington

(By the way there are several free gifts and access to at least one $100 gift card hidden on this website-happy hunting)- Dr N

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