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20 Questions to ask before you EVER choose a veterinarian


Two common mistakes that people make that can harm their pets

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1. Natural Cleaning agents- how to make your own

2.Common Household Toxins

3.Common Pet Parasites

4.Why neglected dental disease is deadly and why professional scaling is the only answer

5. Why and when to vaccinate and when NOT to

6. "God's tranquilizer" that makes anxiety drugs unnecessary

7. Feeding habits that kill

8. Taught behaviors that harms or kills pets that are caused by owners

9. Hurricane preparedness

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How to get rid of FLEAS in your house forever

What to do for vomiting and diarrhea at home

Dental home care : What works and what doesn't

Inappropriate elimination -defecation and urination

"In-Depth" reports and analysis - available for $5 per report:

Inappropriate urination in cats- Idiopathic cystitis

Auto immune disease

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Home care for liver disease

Allergies - natural home remedies before you reach for drugs

"Natural Remedies" that work and why some so called natural or holistic remedies are dangerous

  • Includes chapters especially on Arthritis and
    Allergy relief

Behavior series eBooks $15:

Elimination accidents /house soiling

Excessive Barking

Pika / eating disorders

Travel tips/carsickness

Excessive Barking

Aggressive behavior towards people or other pets

Jumping up on people

Fear/Phobias - noise lightning, fireworks, other people or pets


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