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We do not take walk-ins or emergencies.

Call Christina @ 813 988 8880 for our information package and to set up an initial evaluation


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We do not want you to make a very important decision in such a hurry, based on inadequate information. Of course we will try and help you and guide you in the right direction until your emergency is handled, but after that we have a process for becoming a new client that protects you and us.

If you have an immediate emergency call BluePearl at 813-933 8944 in Tampa and 813-571 3303 in Brandon

If you just have a question call Christina at 813-988 8880,

she loves to talk to new people and see if we can solve their problems, even if it only means to sign you up as a virtual member for lots of free education

In order to become a client you first need to sign up as a virtual client- see the "START HERE" button on the front page.

Then you need to request an introductory initial evaluation - click the "Mother of Offers" button on the front page

Together we will decide if becoming a continual member is the right fit for you and us.

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